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Our job is to help our customers maintain clean construction sites.


Superior Sweeping, Inc. President and CEO Michael Boyd.


Superior Sweeping, Inc. was started in 1989 with one sweeper. We now boast more than 15 sweepers. President and CEO Michael Boyd started his journey with Superior Sweeping, Inc. at the age of 21 in the year 2003. Michael started by doing yard clean up and cutting blackberries brambles then moved up to shop assistant. After 1 year of employment with Superior Sweeping, Michael's predecessor moved on to another job, which left Michael in charge of the shop.

Michael then hired Frankie Boyle to assist in the shop. Frankie has been a valued employee since 2006 and is the current lead mechanic to a larger than ever before shop crew and fleet. In 2016, Michael took over the phones and the scheduling for the company. Michael's time in the shop, experience on jobs in a sweeper, and time management skills made him able to serve more of Superior's faithful clientele.

The former owner, James Anderson, was ready to retire and trusted Michael with his clientele and legacy. Therefore, James sold the company to Michael in 2018. After just 15 years, Michael's dedication to the company brought him from yard clean up to owner. Michael has always taken pride in his reputation and the reputation of Superior Sweeping. Michael plans to always offer superior service while growing the company's presence in the Pacific Northwest.

Superior Sweeping, Inc. is a family-owned company with a full-time office manager and a staff member to assist employees with environmental protection and sustainable practices.